The Nightmare of Nigerians Public transportation system

Daily, average Nigerians wake to “D hustle”. One which is a constant nightmare is the countries transport system be it by means of land, air or sea Nigerians move with their hearts beating and their anger fresh.

our buses are so beaten up one wonders where they came from and why they still on the road. Then there are the taxi’s moving by the lords grace ( no good tyres no windshields or side mirrors nor lighting systems).

our rail system that’s a tale from the past yet what we have which a few individuals still use isn’t fit for animals to be transported in.

taking a look at the shipping companies you see the gross misconduct and mismanagement that has lead to the economy losing billions. The local boats (paddles and flying) which we use i tell you if you not one with a strong heart 🖤 you destined to have a heart attack when in one on sea/lake. Live jackets which are atyms given to customers looking to cross via water are so worn out you wonder if something happens wud i float?

moving on to our prestigious air travel system, do we have one? Anyways, the economy loses daily and has lost in time pass billions of naira “₦” to companies, individuals etc through channels that are very much laughable yet the government sets committees’ which bring forth nothing. Airplane ✈ are so old and tired, badly serviced and tend to breakdown more times than they fly.

my question is thus: Which way Nigeria?

when shall we wakeup to the good things of life?

Always remember!!


the days and nights you spent awake thinking, mourning, crying.

when it looked like all Hope was lost.

when you where down and almost out.

your every breathe came with pain, your waking triggered by sad thoughts. Laying in bed daily frustrated the body yet getting up to the world ached the head.

the funny part been you laughing and all of a sudden it hits you and your mood goes downside up.

remember those who stood by you through the pain and never forget those who picked up and ran, those who stayed just to see how you would play out and those who used a knife at your back.

remember your prayers, your God, your worship. Remember the songs that got you through the pain, the words that rang in your head every time you almost gave up.

remember the love you lost, the friends who left, the foolish steps you took out of frustration.



How did we lose our voice?

I have always been of the notion that the masses had a strong voice and people elected/nominated into power had no option but to yield to the cry of the masses. However looking at the way we are been ruled this days i can’t help but wonder, where have we gone wrong ? People in power no longer care about the cries of the masses after been elected. Politicians become demi gods and feel what they say must hold water. Let’s take for example the shameless show of carelessness and abuse of power been showcased by a present governor in Nigeria (Imo state) who this week imported 55 ex beauty queens to a state hosting no competition nor are the girls of any value to the state. The same man owes salaries, pensioners and has misused state funds for the last 8years making silly comments like “its better to be an armed robber than smoke igbo”, “acidic rain is spoiling state roads”. I ask how! How did we lose our voice as a people and what can we do to put people in check while in office? How do we remedy our fall from grace?